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20th September, 2015 Navigation Button

This web site is used for navigating businesses . User can register their business in the system and marketing it with google map functionality..

Catergory: Customer support

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20th September, 2015 Provident Investment

This website is used for property listing for investors as well as customers..

Catergory: Real estate

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20th September, 2015 Audit Tool

This website is made for schools audits and helping principal to fill up survey for audit..

Catergory: Development tools

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7th September, 2015 camldp app

this camldp app

Catergory: Multimedia

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1st September, 2015 media gallery

for media collections

Catergory: Multimedia

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27th August, 2015 Fiesta Taxi

Fiesta Taxi & Cab Services Norwalk

Catergory: Blog

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19th August, 2015 Pyramid Logistics Services Inc

Looking for the Trade Show Transportation services in California? Then visit Pyramid Logistics, they are leading provider of trade show exhibit shipping transportation & logistics, movie vehicle transportation, mobile marketing trailer & warehouse management services.

Catergory: Social network

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30th July, 2015 Magic Monkey Minifier

This would be a URL minifier if the URL I hosted this from were shorter. So it's a URL redirector

Catergory: Link management

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30th July, 2015 My Personal Web Page

This web app serves up my personal web page. It is a Flask app (python) that is hosted on Heroku. The frontend is built on bootstrap, The app showcases many of the projects from my past.

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23rd June, 2015 Wish For A World

Wish Board. A board of wishes for a better world

Catergory: Miscellaneous

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