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13th December, 2015 Portailrugyquebec

Promote web sport management systems:
- registration,
- league management,
- fees collection & invoicing,
- medical records,
- coach & referees training certification management
- field & schedule management
- result/ ranking/ tournament management
- live embedded scoring
- media integration

Sport processes consultancy.

MySQL/MariaDB, Groovy, Grails, Java, PHP, AJAX, JQuery, Node.js, AngularJS, AWS, EC2, Linux, RDS, Amazon S3, Load Balancing

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11th December, 2015 The Eye Center, P.A.

The Eye Center is The Leading Refractive Practice in South Carolina, Providing Full Service Eye Care And More. At The Eye Center The Patient Always Comes First.

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10th December, 2015 Quiquiz

online poll creator

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8th December, 2015 User Login Tracking - Joomla

This is a sample joomla security plugin, tracks user(s) login and
Store IP address, time-stamp, username & user ID in database and also send email to admin.

Gets IP address in better a way.

You can enable or disable sending email(enabled by default).

You can enable Or disable tracking supper user's login (disabled by default).

*This plugin has been created for Joomla version 2.5 but also has been enabled for version 3.0 or higher.

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7th December, 2015 Wedstreet

Wedding street

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2nd December, 2015 Vibin FM gives listeners the plethora of music from YouTube, combined with the ease and functionality of Pandora. To start your music, simply choose a station. If you don't see a station on the list, enter your own in the "create a station" search bar. There is no login required to listen. You only need to login if you want to save your vibes as a playlist. With no ads interrupting your music, you can sit back and enjoy the vibe all night.

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20th November, 2015 Curtis Homes

Welcome to Curtis Homes: A Southern Maryland New Home Builder

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18th November, 2015 media apps

media apps

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18th November, 2015 realTech Biz

real technology business framework

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17th November, 2015 BBSO Sun

Watch Live Solar Imagery from observatories around the world.

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