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14th June, 2015 imo

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1st June, 2015 TIC_TAC_TOE

This is a simple program made in C/C++ to :
Initialize Mouse
Show mouse
Read Mouse Position
Detect Mouse Clicks (Left / Right)

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19th May, 2015 Driving Theory Courses

One of the most convenient driving theory courses with adaptive design.

Catergory: Tests & quizzes

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6th May, 2015

Massiva is a solution for sending mass text messages that allow our customers greater scope in promoting their products. the price is placed by SMS . We have free demo.

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1st May, 2015 vit mess detail

This is a simple application in which students of vit can check the menu of their meal according the time of meal and day. The menu details is stored in the data base or it can be submitted by the customer also.

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20th April, 2015 Simitless

Simitless helps experts in their domain to build knowledge databases, produce analysis and sell their insights as market intelligence to help business work more intelligently in their industries.

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13th April, 2015

A platform for managing Startup Reporting (KPIs, financial metrics) and Investor Relations.

Simplify the task of updating investors on a regular basis, showing growth and progress to secure future rounds of funding.

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